Register and Login

In order to bid via our website in our Public Auctions an active account is nesessary. If you already have an account please visit our website and log in by filling your username at the field (1) and your password at the field (2). Then press button “Log in” (3). If you don’t have an account, you have to register first by pressing “Register now” (4).

Below you can see our registration form that you have to fill in. Please fill in all the fields (Name, Surname, Username - Password - choose easy to remember username and password, Address, Zip-code, City, State, Country, E-mail, Phone number). Please fill in your primary email (1) in order to get all our notifications! You can choose, if you like, to get notifications for upcoming auctions (2), you can write down any special notes (3), agree with our Terms and Conditions (4) and finally register by pressing the “Register” button (5).

Browse the auction

You are now ready to enter our Web Auction by clicking on the auction’s cover (1) or auction’s title (2).

You can browse through our auction by choosing “Browse all lots” (1) or you can choose just the chapter that your are interested to (2). In case of more than 10 lots per chapter you can browse more lots by using the pagination system at the bottom of the page (3). In order to enlarge the image of the lot click on its thumbnail (4). You can also press the (5) to open the lot in a new tab/window.

When viewing a single lot you can roll over the image to see details of it (1). When available, you can view additional images of the lot from the drop down menu (2).


In order to place a bid, fill in your offer at the field (1) and then press “Place Bid” button (2).

When pressing the “Place Bid” button you will be redirected to the screen below. If you wish to continue bidding to any other lots press “Continue bidding” button (2) and you will return to the previous page. If you have finished bidding and want to finalize your bids press the “Finalize my bids” button (1). Please note that at this step your bids has been saved at your account but NOT registered to our system as you haven’t finalized them yet.

Finalize your bids

By choosing to finalize your bids you will be redirected to the screen below. Here you can view all your current pending bids. You can edit your bid (1) or even remove it (2). In order to finalize your bids you have to choose a “Payment method” (3), write down any special notes for your bids (4) - optional, agree with our Terms and Conditions (5) and finaly press the “Finalize pending bids” button (6). You can come back to this screen any time and from any page of our website by pressing the red “Bids” button (7) on top of the page.

3-4 seconds after pressing the “Finalize pending bids” button, your bids will be registered to our system, and you will be redirected to the screen below where you must see the notification (1). When there are NO pending bids saved to your account the “Bids” button (2) on top of the page is black and not red. Happy bidding!