We are proud to announce our new LIVE Auctions.

Following new web technologies, A. Karamitsos is pleased to present to you the new LIVE auctions. Starting this August, LIVE auctions will at first replace the postal auctions and will give you the opportunity, apart from the postal bids, to participate by giving real-time bids.
In order to enhance the customer services offered by A. Karamitsos, we intend in the near future to give you the ability to participate in some auctions from the comfort of your home.
To participate in our new LIVE auctions an active account at karamitsos.com website is nesessary. Instructions on how to log in - register and participate in our LIVE auctions can be found below.


Register and Login

In order to participate in our LIVE Auctions an active account at karamitsos.com website is nesessary. If you already have an account please visit our website and log in by filling your username at the field (1) and your password at the field (2). Then press button “Log in” (3). If you don’t have an account, you have to register first by pressing “Register now” (4).

Below you can see our registration form that you have to fill in. Please fill in all the fields (Name, Surname, Username - Password - choose easy to remember username and password, Address, Zip-code, City, State, Country, E-mail, Phone number). Please fill in your primary email (1) in order to get all our notifications! You can choose, if you like, to get notifications for upcoming auctions (2), you can write down any special notes (3), agree with our Terms and Conditions (4) and finally register by pressing the “Register” button (5).


Postal Bids

You can place a postal bid in our LIVE Auctions by phone, fax, email and of course via our website. Postal bids are accepted until 3 hours before LIVE Auction begins. IMPORTANT: If you don’t have an account at karamitsos.com, when placing a postal bid in a LIVE Auction (via phone, fax, email) an account will be automatically created for you. In that case, if you want to place later any real time bids, please make sure to contact first info@karamitsos.gr so as to learn your login details.

Real Time Bids

To start real time bidding, please visit our website at karamitsos.com the day and time of the Auction, login and enter our Auction by clicking on the auction’s cover (1) or auction’s title (2).

If the LIVE Auction hasn’t started yet you will be automatically redirected to a “pending page” where you can see when the Auction will start (1). You don’t have to do anything, the LIVE Auction Platform will automatically launch when time expires.

The first time you participate in our LIVE Auctions a popup will open asking you to select your prefered method of payment in case of winning any lots. Please click at the arrow (1) and choose your prefered method.


When the auction starts our LIVE Auction Platform will launch and you will be able to place some real time bids!

Above you can see our LIVE Auction Platform. You can see the number of the auction (1), which lot is now live (2) and the total number of the lots of the current part of the auction (3). Please notice, that for your convinience, our auctions will be seperated into parts of 500-800 lots maximum. At the central section (4) you can see the photo of the lot, its number and description and its starting price. Below, there is the countdown timer (5). Every lot will be live for 10 seconds and when there is a new bid it will be updated for another 5 seconds. The timer turns red when the time is ready to expire. Under the timer you can see the current highest bid (6) and if you are winning the lot (7). At the field (8) it will automatically appears the next minimum bid required or you can fill it in with your offer (No underbids allowed). In order to place your bid all you have to do is just to click on the “Place Bid” button (9). Finally, you can view the log of the auction for the current lot at the section below (10).

A. Karamitsos is hoping that you will find our new Auction Platform easy to use so as to participate from the comfort of your home or office at our next postal auctions.
Our new LIVE Auction Platform will be continuously upgraded and new features will be added. For further information regarding our new LIVE Auctions and its features please visit karamitsos.com or email us at info@karamitsos.gr